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    2. CASUL  
    A high-tech white pigment – and a truly remarkable product CASUL can be delivered in IBCs and tankers (suspension) or in big bags and sacks (powder) – it all depends on our customers’ needs. CASU

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    3. Paper  
    The very best coating pigment The higher the quality of the product, the stronger the argument becomes for using CASUL. Thanks to its product properties, it is perfect as a multi-functional extende

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    4. Paints  
    Toxic-free emulsion paints for all those with high expectations It’s no problem whatsoever to produce biodegradable, odour-free paints when CASUL is added to the mix The call for toxic-free emu

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    5. Construction Chemicals  
    The construction chemicals sector is building on this white pigment No matter whether it's for walls or floors – CASUL has proven to be an outstanding raw material for the construction chemicals se

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    6. Fire Protection  
    The most natural kind of fire protection Portable fire protection: CASUL can also be used as an additive in fire extinguishers. A white pigment as a means of preventing fires? How is that possibl

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    7. Locations  
    The REMONDIS Group’s business locations Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 1,000 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across

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    8. Contact  
    How can we help?

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    9. Library  
    For all those interested in the details Besides being able to catch up on the REMONDIS Group’s news in its company magazine, you can also read all about the different CASUL products here. Simply

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    10. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy-Cookies Authorized representatives: Silvio Löderbusch, Kai Peter Orschel Based in: 44536 Lünen Registry court: Amt

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