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The construction chemicals sector is building on this white pigment

  • No matter whether it's for walls or floors – CASUL has proven to be an outstanding raw material for the construction chemicals sector. Thanks to the binding properties of this white pigment, both dry plaster powder and liquid plaster can be produced on a purely mineral basis. Absolutely no organic chemical substances need to be added to the mixtures. What's more, it can be combined with granular materials (such as sand, marble and limestone) to make ready-to-use wall plasters that produce a rough cast or textured finish. Furthermore, CASUL is a particularly useful substance for cement – acting as an expansion additive and helping to offset cement shrinkage.

    • Environmentally friendly
      CASUL is a perfect substance for producing eco-friendly dry mortar and plaster for people suffering from allergies. Absolutely no biocides or preservatives need to be added.

CASUL products for the construction chemicals industry

  • The white mineral CASUL is available in a variety of formulas. For example, CASUL White HSP2 – a highly concentrated CASUL dispersion (slurry) based on calcium aluminate sulphate that is used in high quality plaster.

    CASUL is a very light substance – using it, therefore, significantly reduces the weight of building materials

Who to contact regarding CASUL & construction chemicals

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