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A high-tech white pigment – and a truly remarkable product

  • CASUL is a synthetic white mineral that is produced by REMONDIS using a patented process, which the company developed itself. A wide variety of industries use CASUL in their products as it considerably reduces their need for organic additives. What’s more, this white pigment is absolutely safe and enables many products to be made without harmful biocides, preservatives or plasticisers. When it comes to white pigments, CASUL really is an all-round talent – something that is also reflected in its long list of advantages. These not only apply to its many different uses but also to the fact that we can supply the mineral as and when it is needed thanks to REMONDIS’ large storage and production capacities.

  • CASUL can be delivered in IBCs and tankers (suspension) or in big bags and sacks (powder) – it all depends on our customers’ needs.

  • The white pigment CASUL: areas of use

    • CASUL is used as a concentrated dispersion (slurry) in paper production – in particular for refining the surface of high quality glossy paper destined for art prints and food packaging.

    • CASUL is in high demand within the paint industry – as a white pigment for high-coverage emulsion wall paints and other emulsion paints.

    • CASUL has been used in building materials and construction systems for many years now – and offers a number of significant environmental benefits.

    • CASUL helps protect rooms and buildings against fire when added to building materials and paints – thanks to its high crystal water content.

  • Guaranteed quality – across all stages

    • As it is our goal to always achieve the best results, we only use quality assured raw materials to produce CASUL. However, not only the materials are subject to stringent quality controls – our production processes are as well. Reference samples of each and every batch of CASUL are taken at the end of a production cycle so that they can be analysed and stored. Thanks to our years of experience of producing white pigments and our extensive technological know-how, we are able to modify the mineral to meet our customers’ exact requirements – cost effectively and without delay. Binding agents can be added to the mineral, for example, or specific particle sizes can be produced. We would be very happy to welcome you to our company so that we can tell you more about our production technology and modern quality management system.

    • Do you need a bespoke formula or help using the product? We have just the right service for you!

    The synthetic white mineral CASUL is made with pure raw materials – primarily with sodium aluminate. REMONDIS has also been producing this substance under its brand name ALUMIN for many years now

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  • A quick look back – how the CASUL story began

    • The patented raw material that is now being sold all around the world was, in fact, discovered purely by accident. In 1995, REMONDIS was looking into a new process for treating wastewater. One of the residual products of this process was an extremely white filter cake. The person responsible for the project at REMONDIS immediately recognised the great potential of this by-product. He knew that a unique product could be created from the filter cake if its intensive whiteness could be used in industrial production processes – for example in paints. He even had a name for the white pigment: ‘CASUL’ – created from the names of the reactants used to treat the wastewater, namely calcium, aluminium and sulphate.

    • Find out more about REMONDIS – one of the world’s leading recycling, services and water companies remondis.com

    • First field trials

        • REMONDIS began working together with a paint manufacturer in the same year (1995) to carry out tests to try and produce paints with CASUL. The results were impressive – as could be seen at an in-house exhibition held by REMONDIS in 1996. As hoped, the paint not only proved to be brilliant white but also to have great coverage. CASUL’s success story had almost been completed – but not quite. One more hurdle had to be overcome: the quality of the filter cake that was being used as a raw material was not consistent enough which meant it was not a suitable material for producing the white pigment on an industrial scale. REMONDIS decided instead to develop a formula for CASUL that was based on primary raw materials.

        • A successful pilot test: the wall paints made with CASUL proved to be a success right from the start thanks to their brilliant white colour and their high coverage

      From the test facility to a successful patent

        • REMONDIS decided to build a pilot plant soon after the tests had been successfully completed. This was already up and running and producing the white pigment CASUL by April 1998. A patent application was then submitted for this novel production process on 10.11.1998. It didn’t take long for the first customers to turn up. One of them, a well-known company, launched its first cleaning product containing CASUL in 2000. Convinced of the white mineral’s marketability, REMONDIS decided to build a production plant in February 2005 which was commissioned just five months later. CASUL has been produced at this facility since then – on an industrial scale and for a wide variety of customers and industries across the whole of Europe.

        • The synthetic material’s needle-like primary structure can easily be adapted to suit its different areas of use. No matter whether it’s produced as a powder or a suspension, in different particle sizes, mixed in with other substances or as a compound: CASUL takes the development of many products and applications to the next level

  • Goodbye ettringite, goodbye titanium dioxide

    Thanks to its many positive properties, CASUL is an excellent substitute for other whiteners and/or white minerals. These, for example, include the naturally occurring ettringite (although this substance has, for the most part, already disappeared from industrial production processes as it is expensive and difficult to handle) and, above all, titanium dioxide. Following the recent publication of studies declaring titanium dioxide to be a health hazard, companies have been looking for a suitable alternative for all of its areas of use. CASUL is the perfect solution here, especially as it has been proven that it is an absolutely safe product. Find out more at www.casul-titandioxid.de/en/casul/

    The white pigment CASUL: a few facts & figures
    Oxidic empirical formulaxCaO*Al203*yCaSO4*zCaCO3*nH20
    Crystal structure/habithexagonal, needle-like
    Adjustable particle size5- <1000 ìm
    Density of the original substanceca. 1.8 g/cm³
    Slurry densityca. 1.3 g/cm³
    Whiteness (R457)95–98
    Powder densityvariable

CASUL® // A product of the REMONDIS Group
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