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  • Toxic-free emulsion paints for all those with high expectations

    • The call for toxic-free emulsion paint is getting louder and louder. With consumers attaching ever more importance to subjects such as ‘healthy living’ and ‘environmentally friendly goods’, the paint industry is having to offer products to satisfy these demands. On the one hand, the paints should have high coverage, be easy to apply and be good value for money; on the other, they should not contain any harmful additives or preservatives. By adding the unique, patented white pigment CASUL to the mix, emulsion paints can be produced that meet all these requirements – thanks to CASUL’s exceptional properties.

    • It’s no problem whatsoever to produce biodegradable, odour-free paints when CASUL is added to the mix

    Emulsion paints and emulsion wall paints made with CASUL create a truly professional finish. They are easy to use and have high coverage

  • Toxic-free emulsion paints with CASUL: the benefits

    • Top quality results
      The paints have exceptionally high coverage thanks to CASUL’s brilliant whiteness.

    • Guaranteed eco certification
      Emulsion paints produced with CASUL are issued with the Seal of Quality from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

  • Algicides and fungicides out in the cold

    • Thanks to CASUL, you no longer need to rely on harmful additives to tackle mould and algae on your walls. Our white pigment has a further feature that is of interest to the paint industry besides its brilliant whiteness and high opacity. It not only has the highest water of crystallisation content (45%) of all known minerals, it also has a particularly high pH value. Together, these two natural properties ensure that paints made with CASUL are practically immune to algae and mould.

    • Thanks to CASUL, less titanium dioxide needs to be added to paints. Find out more at casul-titandioxid.de/en/casul/

    Practical experience has shown that façade paints containing CASUL provide long-term protection against algae

Who to contact regarding CASUL & paints

  • Maximilian Hane
    REMONDIS Production GmbH

  • Thorsten Eßer
    Product Development / Applications Technology
    REMONDIS Production GmbH

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