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The very best coating pigment

  • The higher the quality of the product, the stronger the argument becomes for using CASUL®. Thanks to its product properties, it is perfect as a multi-functional extender for producing paper as well as a coating pigment for paper and cardboard. Put in a nutshell: CASUL® really is a must when it comes to refining paper. It is used for both art prints and glossy packaging. What’s more, the coating pigment CASUL® is extremely cost effective. An extraordinary level of opacity is achieved with lower coat weights and fewer special pigments.

  • CASUL® is a great product for combining with other minerals and extenders

  • The white pigment CASUL®: areas of use

      Perfect finish
      CASUL® guarantees high opacity and whiteness as well as an outstanding smooth, glossy finish.

      CASUL® is suitable for all printing processes – from offset, to flexo, to digital – as well as for laser coding.

      Great ink absorption capacity
      CASUL® ensures excellent printability as inks are absorbed more quickly.

      High coating quality
      CASUL® helps achieve the best results when it comes to rheology and sheet formation.

One coating pigment – a whole variety of products

  • CASUL® is available as a coating pigment with different formulas and specific properties. Besides offering our standard products, we can also adapt our formula to create a coating pigment that meets your exact requirements. No matter whether it involves viscosity, solid content or specific weight – we are more than happy to adjust our CASUL® formula so that it produces the best results for your business, too. Our experts are here to help you – with their know-how and years of experience.

  • The Isega certification body has issued CASULPRINT with 22849 U 06 accreditation, confirming it may be used in food packaging

    CASUL® can be used with food as it contains neither biocides nor preservatives

Who to contact regarding coating pigments & extenders

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